Here’s where you can buy a Japanese bidet seat


Hi everyone, this is Maki! Last week, while Ryohei stayed in Kumamoto, I went to Tokyo to meet with some potential new suppliers who have nice bath goods that we are very excited about. It is still in the very early stages so we can’t show or tell you about the products. All we can say is it has to do with eating in the bath. 🙂 Maybe we can work with them in the future and we’ll be sure to update you on this!

It was really cold in Tokyo but winter is about to go and spring is about to come! Do you know what a “jinja” is? That’s the Japanese name for a shrine. Many people go there to pray for good luck. Just recently many Japanese students had exams so there were many young people praying at the shrine. In Japan, many people start the new school year or work in April, so it is a very exciting time and many people go to the jinja to hope for good luck in their new workplace and school.

We have some good news to share with you! The good news is that you will be able to purchase Japanese bidet seats starting this year through our partner wholesale site at!

You can get a number of different bidets and Japanese brands such as Toto. We are happy to share that you can even purchase one of the bestselling bidet seats in all of Japan – the Toto Washlet C100! In most houses in Japan, people have toilets that have a built-in bidet, but most houses in other places of the world don’t use the bidet, or they have a separate bidet. The bidet seat is something that we have long wanted to share with the world – from a Japanese design perspective – because it is truly a one-of-a-kind product made by Japanese engineering and craftsmanship.

Because there are a ton of products to choose from, you can find a bidet that matches your needs on the site by searching by category. To show you an example, you can search by the best bidet seat over $500 if you are looking for a premium model, or you can search by the cheapest seats. The site is intended for shoppers in America. In the coming months we hope to work with them to add additional bath products. We are already looking at adding Japanese-style bathtubs and bath accessories.

And for those of you outside America, we are working hard with wholesalers and retailers from around the world to bring you amazing Japanese bath and toilet products! Next month, we will be attending a trade show in London and we hope to develop good business relationships with new partners over there. If you are interested in coming to our booth and want to meet us, visit our Events page to find out more.

Until next time!

– Maki